The Power of What we Wear

It is no secret that what we wear has a profound power. It is a way for us to speak to the world without uttering a word.
First donned over a hundred thousand years ago, clothing was originally created to shield us from the elements, bringing our distant ancestors warmth, comfort and protection. Clothing today, of course, still serves this primary purpose, we buy jackets in the winter to keep us warm and in the summer find the newest hat to protect us from the sun.

Clothing though, has evolved to be so much more than this. What we choose to wear has become its own kind of silent language. It has the power to tell the world who we are, it is a form of  expression that can cross any language barrier. It can be a part of the narrative of a person that can be carried across the world in a photograph or preserved through time.

Clothing can be used to represent the views of society and to make a statement about what we value and believe in. As Ralph Lauren said, fashion is about something that comes from within you. Fashion, at its core is not an external factor that we add but a way to make external something that is inside of us. Whether we choose to step out in stilettos or sneakers, a kaleidoscope of mismatched colours or black and white, a biker jacket or a sun dress, we are saying something about ourselves.
In this powerfully silent form of communication we speak to the world and in doing so connect with it.

And that, is something pretty amazing that came from needing to stay warm in the winter.

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